schöner wärs wenns schöner wär

There is a wonderful new publication by my friend and colleague Christoph Schieder and me. Photographed during countless joint walks through cold lockdown winter nights and printed, designed and refined with great attention to detail. Thanks to Hagen Thiel for ceative input according to the cover lettering, Pinguin Druck for first-class offset printing and advice.

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Exhibition at Galerie KUNSTWILD in Berlin:
»schöner wärs wenns schöner wär«
Fotografien von Christian Reister und Christoph Schieder
Vernissage und Buchvorstellung am 14. August 2021, ab 19:00

Ausstellung vom 15. – 29. August 2021
open: So 15:00 – 18:00 und nach Absprache

Bildband Berlin and Supalife Kiosk are the first stores that have it in stock. Check by, say hi and support your local dealers! More bookshops to come.

Small prints

10×15 cm prints on 13×18 Hahnemühle Baryta, 325 g/m2. with black wooden frame and passepartout 20c26 cm.

Open Studio

Fr., 23.10.2020: 16 – 20 Uhr
Sa., 24.10. und So., 25.10.2020: 11 – 20 Uhr
Studio Christian Reister, Torstr. 61, 10119 Berlin
im Rahmen des Monat der Fotografie-OFF Berlin 2020

Ich werde Previews auf neue Arbeiten zeigen, Portaitserien und Siebdrucke.
Und es gibt natürlich auch Bücher und Zines.

Es wird leider keine Vernissage geben, da die Räume klein sind und nur wenige gleichzeitig rein können. Bitte bringt Masken mit und haltet euch an die üblichen Regeln. Auch wenn die Umstände sind, wie sie sind, freue ich mich auf ein besonderes Wochenende!

I will show previews of new works, portrait series and silkscreen prints.
And of course there will be books and zines.

Unfortunately, there will be no vernissage, because the rooms are small and only a few can enter at the same time. Please bring masks and stick to the usual rules. Even if the circumstances are as they are, I am looking forward to a special weekend!

New silkscreen editions

Since the beginning of the year I have (re-)discovered my passion for screen printing and have now put together a few editions. The editions vary between 20 and 55 pieces depending on the motif. Sheet size mostly about 40×30 or 30×42 cm (Din A3). The gorilla print below is on 40x50cm cardboard.

Although excellent as editions, most prints are unique, because the motif is printed in different colours and variations on different papers. You can purchase some of them at Supalife Kiosk in Berlin or you may arrange a studio visit with me. Drop me an email if you want to order  a print or come by for a visit:

Berlin 2012 / 2020 (Gorilla), Edition of 30, 27×40 cm on 40x50cm cardboard. 2 color print.


New York 2017 / 2020 (Smartphone), edition of 26, 30×42 cm, 2 color print


Paris 2018 / 2020 (Metro), edition of 22, 30×42 cm, 2 color print


New York 2017 / 2020 (Subway), edition of 22, 30×42 cm, 2 color print




Smoker 2019 / 202,  edition of 25, 30×42 cm, 2 color print

Some more variations are on instagram

Nachtruhe, Baby!

Mittwoch, 19.02.2020, 19 – 23 Uhr

An evening with the distinguished gentlemen of NUTS ROYAL
at the one and only super-funky SUPALIFE
Raumerstr. 40 + 10437 Berlin