Berlin 2015, Hahnemühle Baryta, 325 g/m2, 40×60 cm   

New: Silkscreen Editions 2020

2020-08-08 – Since the beginning of 2020 I have (re-)discovered my passion for screen printing and have now put together a few editions. Read more in the blog.

Framed Screen Print 40×50 cm    

Driftwood 10

2020-04-17 – The new Driftwood zine is here. It’s the tenth issue. Here are some thoughts on how it all begann, a little bit of „making of“ and a glimpse into the future.. Read more in the blog. Purchase Drifwood zines in my webshop.

Driftwood 10 | Berlin   

Fotoszene Berlin

2019-12-21 – The new book by Jens Pepper is fresh from the press: »Fotoszene Berlin« features 25 Interviews (in German, one with me) + 25 portraits taken by me. The cover photo is from my last Driftwood Zine. See more in the blog.