Package, Postage, Tax, Delivery

You may order a couple of items or just one. Shipping costs are charged at a flat rate for packaging and postage and are inclusive of statutory value-added tax (VAT).

Books and Zines

Books & Zines

Nacht & Nebel, Berlin After Dark Postcard Book, Berlin Nights, Alle Katzen Grau, Driftwood

  • 3.50 Euros/Germany
  • 4.50 Euros/rest of the word.

per order.

Books and Prints Din A3

Big Book and Small Prints

If your order includes the book “schöner wärs wenns schöner wär”,
postage & packaging is more expensive because of the size of the book (Din A3): 

  • 6.00 Euros within Germany
  • 9.00 Euros/EU
  • 13.00 Euros/Switzerland and UK
  • 16.00 Euros/rest of the word.

These rates also apply to photographic prints and screenprints up to a size of Din A3 (230 x 420cm).


Large Prints

Large Prints

Photographic prints and screen prints larger than the size of Din A3 (230 x 420cm) are shipped in sturdy shipping rolls.

  • 9.90 Euros within Germany
  • 15.90 Euros/EU
  • 26,90 Euros/Switzerland and UK
  • 39,50Euros/rest of the word.

Local pickup is free!


Delivery time

I bring your items to the post office / DHL within 3 work days, usually on the same day you order it.

Unfortunately, I cannot predict how long the delivery service (usually DHL) will take for your country.

The prices given on product pages are inclusive of statutory value-added tax (VAT) and other price components.

Shipping costs are charged at a flat rate (see above) and are inclusive of statutory value-added tax (VAT). The fact that the amount of VAT included in shipping costs is calculated on the basis of the goods purchased means that it may decrease if the goods purchased are subject to a lower rate of VAT (e.g. books). This, in turn, means that definitive shipping costs can only be calculated during the order process. As it is not permitted for them to increase they will only be adjusted to your benefit (i.e. reduced).