Berlin nights in winter 2020/2021 – “Hard” lockdown. Clubs, pubs, restaurants – all closed. No events, no tourists, even drinking a beer in public is forbidden. Still possible: walks. Alone or in pairs, no time limit. There is no curfew as elsewhere, but you need a “valid reason” if you want to go out on the street. Are wanderlust and idleness valid reasons? I don’t know that for sure. Anyway, here’s an intermediate conclusion: a photo series titled “Ghosts”. Pictures taken during endless rambles through my city in pandemic hibernation.

Driftwood #11 contains 21 photographs from the Ghosts-Series.
schöner wärs wenns schöner wär - Ausstellung bei Kunstwild, Berlin

Installation view at Galerie Kunstwild, Berlin, August 2021

schöner wärs wenns schöner wär – artist book by Christoph Schieder and Christian Reister.