Photographed: 2024
(with exceptions, details below)
Printed: 2024

These are photo transfers using a two-colour gel printing process with acrylic paint (tin and black) on 350 g/m2² grass paper.

Original size: approx. 17×28 cm on Din A3
The reproductions shown above are excerpts from the original prints, which have some more blank space around the motifs. The slight shimmer of the priming of the pictures through the colour tin is not visible in these illustrations.

Characteristics of a monoprint (or: monotype): As each print template can only be used once during the process, these are monoprints that cannot be reproduced in exactly the same way. This distinguishes the process from screen printing, for example, where individual prints are produced with the same screen for a print run.
The same photos can of course be used several times as a template, meaning that the same motif can be produced several times. However, the artefacts created during transfer and printing are unique.