ALLE KATZEN GRAU at the cinema

Christian Reister / aus Alle Katzen Grau

Can there be a nicer place for a preview on a new photobook than a cinema? This Saturday, Slideluck Berlin V takes place at Stummfilmkino Delphi, a historic theater for silent films.

The work of the following photographers will be presented:

Aleksei Kazantsev, Anna Simone Wallinger, Beranagere Fromont, Boris Eldagsen, Carlos Collado, Christian Reister, Cindy Morrissey, Dagmar Tränkle, Diane Vincent, Frank Bartsch, Göksu Baysal, hannah goldstein, Jan Michalko, Jan Zappner, Janina Wick, Laura Lindlief, Marika Dee, MConsuelo Alcaide, Michel Le Belhomme, Oliver Schneider, Ulrike Schmitz

So, this looks like real good companion!

Unfortunatly I can’t attend in person because I will be in Leipzig this weekend.

If you are in Berlin – this is where to go:

Saturday | May 2nd | 2015
7pm Potluck | 9pm Slideshow | €5
Stummfilmkino Delphi | Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2 | 13086 Berlin, Germany

Invitation: SLPS Berlin III tomorrow

We are happy to announce that the both of us – Thomas Lobenwein (Wrestling) and Christian Reister (ALEX) – will be part of the Slideluck Potshow Berlin III at MMX, Linienstr. 142 /143, Berlin on 10th of June 2010.
The screenings start at 7pm 10pm. All information about the event here.

Complete List of participating artists: Klaus Muenzner * Christian Reister * OSTKREUZ Agentur der Fotografen * Thomas Lobenwein * Alicia Ross * Andrea Gjestvang * Andreas Gefeller * Andy Levin * Anya Jasbar * Ashe Kazanjian * Britney Anne Majure * Cezary Zacharewicz * Chiara Dazi * Daniel Augschoell * David Rae Morris * Emile Hyperion Dubuisson * Esther-Judith Hinz * Fiona Struengmann * Goodyn Green * Jan von Holleben * Jeff Harris * Jonah Samson * Lindsay Isola * Magnus Bjerk * Michael Grecco * Michael Harris * Mila Teshaieva * Mirko Tsotchew * Nick Shifflet * Nicolo Lanfranchi * Ninna Berger * Olivier Blaecke * Robin F. Williams * Shepard Fairey * Sven Jacobsen * Thomas Graichen