Next exhibition: Berlin Trilogie


I’m preparing my next exhibition in Berlin at the moment. It’s going to be hosted by Café Aroma Photogalerie in Berlin Schöneberg. In fact it’s not a café but one of the best Italian restaurants in town that opened somewhen in the 80s and has a long tradition as a photo venue since then. Opening is on June 6, 8pm.

As the exhibition will be in three rooms I’m going to show a “Berlin Trilogy” – three of my latest Berlin realted works: ALEX, NACHT and some “Best of Street Photography from recent years”.

A quote from the press release….

Berlin kann ganz still sein. Auch wenn alle so tun, als befinde sich die Stadt in einem ewigen Bedeutungsrausch aus Kreativität, Party und Umsturz, finden sich doch immer genug Nischen, in denen eigentlich gar nichts wichtiges passiert. In diesen Ecken stöbert Christian Reister die ganz normalen Menschen auf: Alte und Junge, Tagträumer und Nachtschwärmer, graue Mäuschen und affektierte Selbstdarsteller. Sie bewegen sich am Rande des Geschehens, tun manchmal oft nichts und verfangen sich doch immer wieder in Situationen von wunderbar abseitiger Skurrilität. So werden sie auf Reisters Fotos festgehalten, die unter ihrer oft humorvollen Oberfläche immer auch ein wenig Melancholie in sich tragen und einen besonderen, subjektiven Blick auf das Leben im heutigen Berlin werfen.

Save the date for the opening – I’m expecting the best buffet of any opening ever!


It’s showtime, Baby!

Marco Ponce Kärgel at Hotel Bogota / NACHT trifft TAGEBUCHt

A premiere of a special kind. Would that work? My pictures with the songs of Andreas Albrecht, that have a high atmospheric density and lyrics (in German!) that are very elementary and dominating? Would the images interfere the music or the music drown the pictures?

What we definitly didn’t want to do was one of those “every 5 seconds changes the picture” slideshows with some instrumental flavor enhancers. The compositions should communicate with the pictures at eye level. There are parts in the show where the images kind of comment on the lyrics as well as parts where the music carries the photographs literally to a whole other level. Since a few weeks we have fought with every single image slice and fading length and worked one or the other night on fine tuning and polishing up the final technical issues.

NACHT trifft TAGEBUCHt, Hotel Bogota

Just in time for yesterday’s opening at Hotel Bogota, everything was ready and maybe I was the one, who was the most overwhelmed by the result. It is a big fortune and great honor to work with such great professional musicians like Andreas Albrecht and Marco Ponce Kärgel. And one was obvious right after the final cord of yesterday’s performance: it was certainly not the last time we where working together for a performance like this.

Andreas Albrecht at Hotel Bogota / NACHT trifft TAGEBUCHt

What a great relief, what a big experience. Wonderful. Thanks to a great audience and a very special venue – the Hotel Bogota.
Most of the songs are from Andreas’ latest album TAGEBUCHt. Order it here, it’s outstanding.

Marco Ponce Kärgel at Hotel Bogota / NACHT trifft TAGEBUCHt

NACHT trifft TAGEBUCHt, Hotel Bogota (more…)