ALEX The book (3)

The editing is finished, the layout is complete, the text is written and translated and I did the very final art work this morning. So I brought all print data for the book to Hannes Wanderer today. Hannes Wanderer is a photographer, a publisher, a book shop owner and also cares for the print productions of a print shop near Hannover where ALEX will be printed.

It was important for me to have a photo book specialist producing the book that I can ask questions about all concerns of making a book and preventing me from doing silly things that wouldn’t work in a printed format. A big advantage over any internet printing service about the choosen print shop is that there is no limit concerning sizes and papers. So you can basically do what you want. My book will be 24cm wide and 14cm high which isn’t a regular size on any „out of the box“ printing service. It will have an offset printed hardcover and stitched binding. And I will stand right next to the printing machine when the first paper comes out. Except for the cover, the book will be printed digitally at high state of the art quality. The release date should be Oct. 16th along with the opening of the Mittelpunkt Der Welt-Exhibtion at refugium II in Auguststraße, Berlin.