New publications


I’m working on a series of publications in very small editions. First infos and order possibilities will be given exclusively via my email mailing list next week. All other channels like Facebook, Twitter or this blog will follow later. And it’s “first come first serve”. If you are interested, please subscribe now.

Tumblring again


I was lazy with my tumblr recently, but currently I’m posting an image a day. cos an image a day keeps the doctor away!
Happy xmas, happy new year, stay tuned, thank you.


Beyond The Ring



‘Beyond the Ring’ is an informal set of artists’ talks/presentations/performances by international artists based in Berlin and visiting artists passing through. They will take place in a studio in Walterstr. 30, Neukoelln. ‘Beyond the Ring’ is there to provide the opportunity for people to meet and share their thoughts, ideas and work. If you’re interested in joining in, you will see that there is life Beyond the Ring in Berlin.

Christian Reister, * 1972, has been living and working in Berlin for almost twenty years. The city and its inhabitants are the main inspiration for his photographic work which is situated somewhere between the poles of subjective documentation and street – and portrait photography. His work has been published in Journals and daily papers and presented at various exhibitions.

Since 2010 four self-edited photo books have been published. At the Artist’s Talk series “Beyond the Ring” Christian will be discussing his work focusing on his most recent book “Alle Katzen Grau” (All Cats are Grey)– a dark, tough and occasionally quite bizarre journey through endless Berlin nights.

Thurs Dec 3rd at 8pm, Walterstr. 30, Neukoelln