Ein Tag in Berlin Group Show

50 photographers, 1 exhibition and 1 book at Fotogalerie Friedrichshain. One of my photographs will be part of “Ein Tag in Berlin – 30 Jahre danach”. Check Details here (gallery website) or here (facebook).

All photographers: Björn Albert, Giampiero Assumma, Markus Austel, Sascha-J. Bachmann, Holger Biermann, Camille Bockhobza, Eddie Bonesire, Domenico Distilo, Dominik Dittberner, Enrico Essl, Laura Fiorio, Dorit Fuhg, Ina Gatzmaga, Harald Hauswald, Dirk M. Heinzelmann, Robert Herrmann, Holmsohn, Sebastian Jacobitz, Dorit Jordan Dotan, Peter Kagerer, Uli Kaufmann, Eberhard Klöppel, Christoph Kohlmann, David Kregenow, Tobias Kruse, Stefanie Kulisch, Brieuc Le Meur, Amélie Losier, Peter Malzer, Katarzyna Mazur, Rudi Meisel, Sonia Melnikova, Clemens Menne, Enrico Pietracci, Carla Pohl, Peter Pollmanns, Christian Reister, Michael Schaaf, Christian Schirrmacher, Cordia Schlegelmilch, Oliver S. Scholten, Gottfried Schwemmer, Daniel Seiffert, Silvia Sinha, Bara Srpkova, Guido Steenkamp, Rainer Steußloff, Rainer Stosberg, Kathrin Tschirner, Martin U Waltz.

Driftwood 6 | Vienna

The upcoming issue of Driftwood is going to be a little bit more friendly. 48 pages and there are even some daylight photos in it. Oh, Vienna!!

Should be ready to be mailed out to subscribers next week!

Newsletter, April 15


DRIFTWOOD – here comes the second round!

I’m thrilled to announce Driftwood No. 5, which will contain photographs from Warsaw, Poland, 2016/2017.

Like with Driftwood No. 1-4, the zine edition is limited to 50 copies, and available as a bundle of 4: Order once and get each new zine when it is published, approx. every three months, in our mailbox.

All those subscribers from the first round who order the second round, too, will get an extra thank you-gift with Driftwood 5.

Get Driftwood 1-4 now
(only 3 complete sets left)

Order the next 4 zines: Driftwood 5-8

Driftwood 5 will ship in the last week of April.

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Via Roma Foto Festival

I’m invited to Reggio Emila to show some black and white Berlin work in the frame of Festival di Fotografia Europea 17 – Via Roma, taking place in Reggio Emilia (IT) from May 5th to May 7th, 2017. If you are around: come by and say hi!

More Info here and there

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That’s all for today, thank you!

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