Berlin After Dark Postcard Book

For years I have wanted to make a postcard book for regional book stores. Now the time has come: “Berlin After Dark” is a beautifully printed booklet with 20 bound postcards that you can tear out to send or pin on the wall… Or you can leave them in the cover and leaf through the work as a book every now and then.

The photographs are taken in the last ten years or so. 4 photos are new, the others have already been published in previous books and zines.

Thanks a lot to Yves Haltner for inspiration and advice, Hagen Thiel for font design, advice & friendship and Spezialdruck für doing such a great job in producing this gem.

Since a couple of weeks, you can purchase “Berlin After Dark” exklusivly at Bildband Berlin, Neurotitan Gallery, Supalife Kiosk and Urban Spree Gallery. More stores may come soon.

Since today it can also be ordered from my webstore.

Berlin After Dark Postcard Book