This made my day!

“Dear Christian, I enjoyed your little Berlin book with its big German question: bist du glücklich? I made some comments:

I like the lamp.

Rush hour reflections, hang on! Brussel Sprouts.

Unhappy, thirsty bunny. Her friend’s pubic bag hangs low. The hydrant is handy.

This is the Hamburg Crouch – like the Lambeth Walk in London.

The Berliner call them ‘Wannen’. Looks wet.

Plastic surgery.

The German question again.

Kunststück. No one notices.

Windows 95 + 11

Looks like copulation. Staged.

There must be something there!


Stairway to heaven

Fly, fly, fly away!

Staged in Arles?

Nice floor, tiled wall. Underground?

“Wir Kinder …”

A sunny Vienna corner

Rie ne va plus. I like the arrow heads.

Nike of Berlin. Where’s the beer bike?

Who stole the pole?


What’s going on?

Flower Power

Blind to Gentrification

Nancy tickled my fancy – Oh my charming Billy Boy.


Almost Escher

Homage to Andy.

The answer to the question! (Bauzaun is the clue)


Bronzed liberty

This is not the answer – love is!”