When I first heard some of the new songs from Andreas Albrechts new album, there was this one among them with the title “Nacht” (“Night”). A current photo project I’m working on has the same working title and much of a related athmosphere. So when Andreas came up with the idea making some kind of photo film video for the song with my photographs I first tried to bring it together with my new photographs but soon realized that this would not work. I always find it extremly difficult to combine music with lyrics and photography in a really cross-fertilizing way. In most cases there is always one medium “too loud” – either the images are too clear and strong to let space for lyrics or vice versa. So we decided to drop that idea and try to be as open as possible taking photos along a long shared trip through a Berlin summer night. We went by bike and feet, finally had a few hundreds of photos and Andreas would just take them home and do whatever he wanted to to with them. Full screen view recommended.