Soliman Lawrence at Fenster61

Soliman Lawrence’s exhibition Old World Succulence was originally ment to be part of the 5th European Month of Photography in Berlin. For some reasons nobody really explained to us, the curator jury didn’t like it. I’m not shure if the term „curator“ is the right word here – for they only had some jpgs and some written lines for “curating” submitted works – but that’s a different story, I suppose…

The good thing about the refusal is that this exhibition is now part of the new Movement for Gallery network which means that Fenster61 dances on both parties – European Month of Photography with the next exhibiton and MfG with this exhibition.

Check out Soliman Lawrence’s phantastic work Old World Succulence on his website. For the exhibition at FENSTER61 we chose a selection of twelve black and white photographs taken at the Berliner Zoos and the Botanical Garden.