Since I joined Seconds2Real at the end of last year friends and photo buddies are asking me questions like „What is that? Just a website or what? How can that work as you all come from different cities? What are your plans and aims?“ Seconds2Real is quite popular in the online street photographer scene but the offline world often doen’t know about the co-operative at all.

On Feb. 12 there’ll be an evening with Seconds2Real at exp12 Gallery in Berlin. Guido Steenkamp, Thorsten Strasas, me (all from Berlin), Andreas Stelter (Minden), Mario Cuic (Munic), Siegfried Hansen (Hamburg), Natalie Opocensky (Vienna) will introduce their works and the concept of Seconds2Real in open discussion with the audience. Detail information soon on blog61 and of course on the Seconds2Real website.