Several times over several seasons Dutch photographer Rogier Alleblas took pictures of the same park-like pedestrian walkway at a crossing in Berlin. All of the photographs show the same details from the same perspective: a few park benches located almost invariably at the same spots, serving as a backdrop for people who regularly pass by there to sit down and take a break. This work has yielded a number of photo series, some of which show the same people again and again in almost identical poses, while others are of different people in almost the same positions. The seasons change throughout the series, yet time seems to be dissolving in the process, blown away with the autumn leaves from the trees in the background of the photographs.

When Rogier applied for an exhibition at FENSTER61 I was spontaneously enthusiastic about this series. It’s one of those very simple ideas that can lead to great results. Of course the exhibition is part of the 4th European Month of Photography in Berlin.