No man is an island and it’s good to have some „experts“ involved in the production of a book. I think every photographer knows that it can become very difficult judging your own work if you work on a project over and over again.

I’m happy that Falk Schreiber, a journalist from Hamburg who wrote a decent article about the project a year ago will write the introduction. I think he really understood what ALEX is all about and finds better words for it than me. Writing the introduction to my own photobook myself turned out to be an odd idea.

Concerning layout, selection of the photographs and sequencing them my friend and former photography teacher Andreas Rost brought in some really important impulses. The original format and layout is history now and I’m very grateful that he pushed the book to some stronger level. Hope we can finish the editing during the next week.

This image shows an early dummy version of the book – title rejected, format rejected – this is NOT how the book will look like.

Next steps will be defining the right paper, getting the files in the right data format and so on. And I’m happy to have another expert for that. Will tell you later…