Alle Katzen Grau – Collectors Box

“Christian Reister’s grainy black-and-white images are expressions of spontaneous snapshots of Berlin’s sometimes strange nightlife. Reister takes his photographs in clubs, at take-out counters around the corner, in traditional, rustic bars, and on the subway, where he captures party animals and the occasional monkey suit wearer. Yes indeed, dit is Berlin!
—Andy Warhol’s Interview online

“Reister shows the remains of the party—the collateral damage left behind by those cursed with the duty to have fun.”
—DIE WELT Kompakt

“Photographs taken on (and of) different evenings that together become one big blurry night in Berlin. Wonderfully melancholic.”
—Berliner Morgenpost

“Photographer Christian Reister has captured this other side of Berlin’s nightlife in his photo book Alle Katzen Grau. The title is a short form of the German proverb “At night all cats are gray”. Through his lens he takes us on a trip through the night to places that look so foreign, yet they are in the same city that we know so well. He shows us a world beyond the hip clubs, crowded bars and popular streets – a world beyond youth culture, beyond techno parties, beyond boundaries. ”

“Dusky photographs taken in the deep mist of nightly strolls through the park, shiny white swans floating on deep blue water, glances through windows into Berlin’s dimly lit apartments, and portraits, interspersed with occasional blurry snapshots of the nightlife of the capital. Christian Reister’s subjects tell of the diverse range of his nightly encounters and observations.”

“Salacious glimpses of private moments through unguarded windows vie for attention with overstimulated acts of public exhibitionism. Revellers reel across the dance floor — or maybe it’s the photographer himself who is whirling through the night.”