Berlin | Nacht

( Berlin | Night )


These photographs are taken since 2011 when I switched to analogue black and white photography after working about 10 years in color only. I wanted my pictures to get more abstract, less perfect, grainy, darker, more melancholic. Since then it’s my choice to photograph in black and white as soon as the night breaks in. I work with small cameras that fit in any pocket and can be used in almost every situation without drawing much attention to it.


As a constant “recorder” of my life I take a lot of pictures. Some of them seem outstanding to me, so I put them in a big pool of about 100, 200 images that wait to be used sooner or later. I did a first exhibition with my Berlin night photographs and a live screening performance together with live musicians Andreas Albrecht and Marco Ponce-Kärgel at Hotel Bogota, Berlin, in 2013. I self-published a photobook (Alle Katzen Grau, 2015) with a selection of 46 of these images. The ever growing body of works was the source for several exhibitions, two photofilms (The Whispering Noise, 2016, and Rauschen, 2018) and five issues of my zine series Driftwood (#1, #3, #4, #7, #8 since 2016) so far.
The new book, “Berlin Nights”, will be published by Hoxton Mini Press in November 2018. It contains 70 photographs from the last 10 years, half of them not published anywhere before.


While the series started out as a steightforward street photography project I have soon overcome bounderies. Today it’s still un-staged moments and random encounters, but also portraits of friends, urban landscapes, weather, animals, whatever.

Christian Reister, August 2018

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Alle Katzen Grau
Berlin | Nacht